Once upon a time there was a lockdown......

How did all this come about?


My name is Debbie, and I absolutely adore soft sculpture, cloth folk art, or whatever you want to call it, just don't call it a toy! Not being able to work during the 2020 lockdown made me channel my creativity, (obsessive personality) into another artistic outlet, before I went off my rocker. I've always adored the Scandinavian Tomte gnomes, originated as mythical creatures in folklore, traditionally only coming out at Christmas time. I decided to create an American folky version. A fabulous version that doesn't get put away after the holidays, a Gnome or Cabbit, just like a puppy shouldn’t just be for Christmas, they should be loved and admired year round. How would you feel if you were only allowed out a couple weeks a year?


Each handmade Gnome and Raggedy Denim Cabbit (a hybrid cat rabbit), is sourced from just about any cloth I can steal or get my hands on, I even print fabric, I use linens, tablecloths, dish towels, painters drop cloth, vintage fabrics, and my favorite, clothing from unsuspecting people who left it lying around for me. I am at the point now that when I look at another person, the first thing I do is check out what they are wearing and wonder how it will look on my gnomes. Each of my lovely precious Gnomes and Cabbits are handmade by myself here in beautiful Sonoma County, I spend at least 8 hours on each piece, I'm all about the details, and there is always at the very least 8-10 different types of cloth on each one. If you are expecting perfection, don't! These are truly pieces of cloth folk art and have a lot of hand finishing applied, maybe the stitches aren't straight, or the patch is not centered, to me, that's what makes them unique and whimsical. On a side note, all my soft sculptures can also double as a food source, in case of emergency break open, they are weighted down with organic, (no less) brown rice.

In the real world I'm a professional chef, if you would like to see what I do and read a bit more about me then go over to